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Arturo Chong

Potential Speaker for Agri conferences- Arturo Chong
Arturo Chong
Chapingo Autonomous University, Mexico
Title : Mathematical models for fertilizer applications for grain sorghum


Mathematical models for defining N-P-K fertilizer formulations were developed using annual precipitation and temperature as independent variables. The amount of nitrogen and phosphorus to apply to a sorghum crop depends on the environment conditions of the crop field. As the crop field has more resources, its intrinsic richness, the amount of nutriments to apply increases. Richness of a crop field depends on the amount of natural resources: temperature, the amount of solar light and water; soil and its characteristics, etc. Also the infrastructure producers have done to their crop fields is part of its richness. What are the most important variables that can define the amount of N-P-K to apply to a sorghum crop? Annual precipitation and temperature of the crop field are initially the most important factors that can be used to define the amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to apply to a grain sorghum crop. Models were developed for calculating the amount of N-P-K needed for the field crop considering only rainfall and annual temperature of the region. Also a model that calculate yield was developed. The general model is: Y = aX + (bZ + c) Where, X is annual precipitation and Z is average annual temperature of the crop field. a, b and c are coefficients.


MS Arturo Chong studied agronomy at Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, graduating at 1982. The MS was obtained at Colegio de Postgraduados, México in 1997. The PhD degree at University of Essex, 2002. The main interests are agronomic systems and mathematical models applied for growing and development of crops.

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