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Abdullahi Sanda kida

Potential Speaker for Agriculture Conference 2021 - Virtual Presentation
Abdullahi Sanda kida
Entreprenuership development centre, Nigeria
Title : Business plan On Cattle fattening


The business is Ask @ cattle fattening using simple and effective farming system that will aid our local production.
The farming and the business will be located at Ramat polytechnic, farm centre, Maiduguri, Borno state
The target customers of this business are general public, butcher, and dealers that transport cattle to the Southern and Western part of the country A total sum of (N5,350,000) only, is required for the start up of this business. Out of which (N5,000,000) is the expected bank loan while (N350,000) only will be my equity.

Meat is very necessary for human life worldwide being the best source of first class protein, needed by human being for proper growth, and development, with affordable price that can take care of both the high and the low income earners in the society. The project is proposed to be located here in Maiduguri because there is little or no such business in Maiduguri

My name is Abdullahi Sanda Kida, the owner of the business, the vast experience I had in the business attend to the adjusted mindset gained during the entrepreneurship training organized and conducted by ADS/EDC-CBN/NE has made me a potential entrepreneur.

GENERAL COMPANY DESCRIPTIONS Ask @ cattle fattening business  a private business that intent to create a brand concept in the provision of well fattened cattle, utilizing multiple channels of advertisement. This is will be accomplished through a combination of local outlets. The business is seeking recurring investment to fund the growth of the business and to acquire new facilities. The business will differentiate itself from its competitors through lower pricing and grass root marketing in state.
The plan that follows explains our market; operations management and management team. The detailed financial plans provide a clear of our sales and profit forecasts. These plans show how the business will reach profitability in second year of operation and generate business return on equity within five years.

Our vision is to create one of the most thriving fattened cattle producers within the next few years.

Our mission is to introduce and sustain the provision of the product to meet customer needs.

i. To transform the business into the economic engine for job creation and national growth and achieve sales of millions of naira within the next two (2) years.
ii. Generate a return on equity by next year.


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